A Smarter Way to

Buy and Hold

The Brandywine Protected Funds are designed for investors who want to buy-and-hold stocks but be protected against sizable or prolonged losses.

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offset naked risk

Offset Naked Risk

Offset the risk of a high-risk investment such as stocks.


What is Risk Replacement?

replace risk

Replace with Lower Risk

Pay for the offset with a lower risk investment – Brandywine’s Return Driver Diversifier

Enhance returns

Enhanced Returns

Lower drawdowns + higher recovery levels = potential for greater returns

How Risk Replacement Benefits You

Protecting the Downside Provides Two Great Upsides

Reduced Risk May Produce Increased Returns

2008-2009 financial crisis

Financial Crisis



Sleep Easier: Bear Markets are Declawed

Covid Crash

Individuals & Family Offices

Customized solution enables you to maintain your existing portfolio while Brandywine protects its downside, or...

Let Brandywine create a bespoke solution for you.

Wealth Managers

Differentiate your practice and protect your clients with one-of-a-kind Brandywine Protected Funds and SMAs

Retirement Fiduciaries

More than one fiduciary has stated “I would be negligent if I did NOT present this to my clients.”
CIT available in 2022


Brandywine offers Qualified Investors the ability to invest in funds with 100% exposure to major world equity indexes but with downside protection. Unlike antiquated hedged equity funds, Brandywine’s “Protected” Funds are designed to not only allow you to “sleep well,” but also exceed long term equity index performance. Learn how Brandywine’s pioneering “Performance Protection” does this.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Family Office and Institutional investors may engage Brandywine to construct separately managed accounts to customize the equity indexes protected and the risk profile of that protection.

You may also engage Brandywine to provide protection to your existing equity portfolio. This allows you to maintain your current investments yet customize your protection against downside risk.