Brandywine in Summer

Brandywine Asset Management, Inc. has a long history of investment research, innovation and trading.

Founded in 1982, Brandywine pioneered “Return Driver” based investing and true portfolio diversification. This approach demands an understanding of the source of returns for any given investment. Although this sounds like an obvious requirement, it is actually in stark contrast to commonly-employed money management methods based on capturing “intrinsic” returns or profiting from “risk premia.”

Brandywine is in a unique position to execute on this philosophy. Over the past four decades, some of the world’s largest investors, including money center banks, corporate pension plans, hedge funds and large family offices have entrusted their money to Brandywine. We have researched, created and managed specialized investment funds that have provided them with returns that are uncorrelated to all major investment benchmarks, including stocks, bonds and real estate.

Today, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all approach’, Brandywine is building on this legacy of investment innovation to:

  • create customized investment solutions for investors looking to diversify their portfolios
  • serve in a support role for Chief Investment Officers to family offices.

This focus best leverages Brandywine’s diverse investment skills and Return Driver philosophy. In this role, Brandywine is able to provide a range of portfolio design and management services specifically focused on meeting the goals and sustaining the legacy of your family.