“A Smarter Way to Buy & Hold”

Brandywine is an established (1982) investment firm with a long history of investment research, innovation and trading

Brandywine River in spring

Focus on Retirement

9 Brandywine Enhanced Funds and 5 Target Date Funds complete your investment portfolio

Low Cost Structure

The Brandywine Collective Investment Trust enables easy and low cost access for 401(k) and other qualified plans

Brandywine’s Innovation of “Risk Replacement”

Reduced risk means you can maintain larger equity exposure for longer – potentially increasing your money in retirement

Every Brandywine Fund is Based on the Philosophy that Reduced Loss = Increased Returns

Smaller losses:

  • Enable recoveries to start from higher levels, which leads to
    potential for greater returns
  • Allow you to maintain greater equity exposure throughout your saving and retirement, which helps solve for Sequence of Return Risk

Learn how Brandywine protects the downside
using our innovation of Risk Replacement

9 Enhanced Funds

US Equity Blend International Equity
  • Brandywine Large Cap
  • Brandywine Extended Market
  • Focus International
US Equity Value Fixed Income
  • Advantage Large Cap Value
  • Advantage Small Cap Value
  • Foundation Core Bond
  • Foundation Diversified Income
U.S. Equity Growth
  • Summit Large Cap Growth
  • Summit Small Cap Growth

5 Target Date Funds

  • Brandywine Target 2060
  • Brandywine Target 2050
  • Brandywine Target 2040
  • Brandywine Target 2030
  • Brandywine Target Retirement

Brandywine By the Numbers

Contact us to learn how Brandywine’s innovation of Risk Replacement can protect and grow your retirement portfolio and help you sleep well at night

Years of Experience

Enhanced Funds

Target Date Funds

Nights Our Investors Sleep Better

About Our Firm

Founded in 1982, Brandywine Asset Management, Inc. has a long history of investment research, innovation and trading. Over the past four decades, some of the world’s largest investors, including money center banks, corporate pension plans, hedge funds and large family offices have entrusted their money to Brandywine.

Our Office:

The Mill ♦ 381 Brinton Lake Road ♦ Thornton, PA 19373

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