Brandywine Protected Programs

The Brandywine Protected Programs, called “a smarter way to buy-and-hold,” serve as a replacement for passive equity ETFs. They provide investors with the ability to own stocks but with protection against bear markets or extended periods of underperformance. These programs result from combining Brandywine’s decades of experience developing and trading non-correlated investment strategies together with its options trading expertise.

Non-Correlated Managed Futures Program

Brandywine’s decades of experience researching and trading a wide range of global investments; using behavioral, discretionary, systematic, quantitative and fundamental approaches has resulted in the Brandywine True Alpha managed futures program. This program carries the unique characteristic of being able to produce returns that are uncorrelated with both the conventional investments you may have in your portfolio, as well as hedge funds and managed futures programs. Brandywine True Alpha also has the potential to profit independent of global economic and political factors.

Brandywine offers investors the ability to invest in existing private funds or separately managed accounts.

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