Customized Investment Products

Brandywine has decades of experience researching and trading a wide range of global investments; using behavioral, discretionary, systematic, quantitative and fundamental approaches. These approaches have been utilized to trade equities, futures, options, commodities, foreign exchange, mutual funds and ETFs.

This broad base of practical knowledge provides us with the ability to customize investments to meet your specific requirements. These products carry the unique characteristic of being able to produce returns that are uncorrelated with conventional investments you may have in your portfolio, and that also have the potential to profit independent of global economic and political factors.

These investments can be structured as managed accounts, portable alpha, public or private funds, U.S. domiciled or offshore structures, or principal-protected notes.

Some of the dozens of proprietary investment products created and managed by Brandywine on behalf of our family office, institutional and high net worth investors over the past four decades include:

  • Portfolio Hedges such as our PTP program
  • Systematic Global Macro
  • Mutual Fund Arbitrage
  • Market Neutral Equity
  • Commodity Funds
  • Managed Futures
  • ETF Arbitrage
  • Long/Short Equity
  • Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Trend Following Futures
  • Stock Index Futures & ETFs
  • Fundamental Futures Strategies
  • Long-only Commodity Inflation Hedge

Contact us and we will provide you with the specific performance of actual or customized investment
products we have created or are able to create for you.