Brandywine’s CIO Services

Brandywine serves in a support role to Chief Investment Officers of family offices. We specialize in non-correlated return driver-based investing. Our expertise, honed over the past four decades, is in creating diversified portfolios that are balanced across multiple return drivers. We are able to customize or select investments that are designed to protect against a variety of event risks and may often profit when traditional investment portfolios lose value. We work with – rather than replace – your existing investment managers, legal, accounting and tax advisors to structure your investments to preserve and grow your wealth and to ensure that despite the economic environment you never lack for liquidity to meet your lifestyle needs.

Every family has their own specific needs and goals and as a result, no two portfolios will be the same. We structure your portfolio to meet the specific goals of your family. But there are some commonalities as to how we conduct our business and the services we provide.

  • We start by listening. We can only begin to make investment decisions after first obtaining a clear understanding of your family’s interests, needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to fund or maintain an endowment, leave a multi-generational legacy, or simply (although it’s not so simple!) lead a fulfilling life, we can structure and manage a portfolio that will maximize your ability to meet those goals.
  • We gather data. This includes data on your current investments and financial needs, as well as your historical investment experiences. Life is a series of experiences and emotional events. While Brandywine is focused on bringing a structured approach to your investments, we are also guided by the impact you desire to make on your family and others.

We provide three primary services:

  • Portfolio Analysis & Review:
    We do a deep dive on all aspects of your portfolio, ascertain the underlying Return Drivers for each investment and conduct stress tests to identify the associated event risks. We create a registry of each of your investments and investigate – through research into each investment document and through contact, where necessary, with 3rd party providers and managers – and record all covenants, reporting requirements and other triggers associated with each investment.
  • Portfolio structuring and ongoing management and review
    Brandywine will create a customized portfolio designed to meet your family’s current needs and long-term goals. Over the past 35+ years, based on extensive in-market trading experience and proprietary research, our principals have pioneered innovative investment methods and programs. Our experience with trading non-correlated investments, employing hedging strategies and developing principal-protected products enables us to create portfolios with the potential of reducing the risk associated with “conventional” portfolios, while maintaining, or even exceeding, conventional returns.We will continue to monitor your portfolio investments to ensure they remain true to their original mandates, and evaluate any social, political or economic conditions that may affect the Return Drivers associated with each investment. The portfolio will be modified based on those considerations and any changes in the family’s ongoing needs and goals.
  • Develop proprietary investment products
    Brandywine is not an “allocator.” Our experience is in the actual trading of investment products, as well as the evaluation of other managers and products. Because of this background, we are able to create and manage proprietary products specifically designed to meet your goals. These include products that are uncorrelated to traditional investments (such as systematic global macro futures portfolios), equity hedges using futures and options to reduce risk, and products that can provide long-term returns but with the assurance that, at a minimum, the original principal will be returned.