History of Innovation

Founded in 1982, Brandywine Asset Management, Inc. has a long history of investment research, innovation and trading. Over the past four decades, some of the world’s largest investors, including money center banks, corporate pension plans, hedge funds and large family offices have entrusted their money to Brandywine.

In the early 1990s Brandywine developed a portfolio risk allocation methodology focused on predictability of returns rather than optimization of past performance. This was adopted by others and incorporated into what became known as “Risk Parity” investing.

Coincident with this development was the innovation of “Return Driver” based investing, which focuses on creating truly diversified portfolios using disparate “Trading Strategies” rather than relying on asset class allocations. This provides investors with the ability to profit across a broad range of market conditions and results in performance that is uncorrelated to all major investment benchmarks, including stocks, bonds, real estate and hedge funds. In 2011, Brandywine’s founder wrote a best-selling book that revealed Return Drivers to the public.

In 2020, Brandywine expanded on this legacy of innovation to create the Brandywine Protected Programs, which offer investors the opportunity to maintain the potential upside of holding 100% equity positions yet be protected against severe losses or extended bear markets.