Brandywine’s Capabilities and History

Brandywine’s team is not your conventional investment manager. Using our innovative “Return Driver” based approach, we bring an extensively diverse and unique set of skills as stewards of your wealth. We have wide-ranging experience with wealth management, alternative investments (including managed futures, crisis alpha, market neutral equity and tactical asset allocation), venture investing and entrepreneurship, real estate development, residential rentals and construction, equities, equity options, risk arbitrage, swaps, structured products and other equity derivatives.

Brandywine’s principals, Michael Dever and Joseph Gabor, are able to provide turn-key solutions that have the potential to both enhance returns and offset existing portfolio risk. We are able to structure customized investments that produce returns that are independent of the stock and bond markets – such as a principal protected note with potential double-digit returns – as well as provide customized hedging solutions to protect long-only equity portfolios.

Biographical highlights of the principals:

Michael P. Dever is the founder (in 1982) and CEO of Brandywine Asset Management, the author of a best-selling investment book and a featured subject of three books. Brandywine has invested significant amounts over the past four decades in research to develop proprietary investment strategies and manage client assets pursuant to several successful investment programs. These include Brandywine’s Benchmark managed futures program, which averaged more than 20% annually over 8 years; Brandywine’s Symphony program, which outperformed the industry averages by 3% annually over 7 years; and Brandywine’s market neutral equity program, which under his tenure produced double digit annualized returns. All of Brandywine’s investment programs are characterized by performance that is completely uncorrelated to that of stocks, bonds and hedge funds.

Mr. Dever has also been a great early identifier of investment talent, first allocating money to Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Investments in 1985 and John W. Henry (now owner of the Boston Red Sox) shortly after meeting him in the early 1980s. He also served as the initial outside investor in other managers that went on to great success.

As an internet entrepreneur, Mr. Dever founded and ran, which became the 7th most-trafficked internet commerce site by 1999. Among other pioneering accomplishments, Spree was the exclusive ecommerce partner for the PGA Tour. Mr. Dever led spree through a $13 million funding round (led by Patricof & Company) in 1999.

Mr. Dever also co-founded, which became the world’s largest web site monitoring company and is the co-inventor on a patent related to web site monitoring. He was instrumental in selling the company to Landmark Communications (then the owner of The Weather Channel) in 2007.

Early in his career Mr. Dever set up a partnership that purchased, renovated, managed and profitably sold residential apartments in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Dever is a board member of the National Futures Association CPO/CTA Committee, holds the Certified Financial Planner® designation and has a B.S. in Business from West Chester University.

Fun Facts:

  • In four years as a high school pole vault coach, Mike produced three state medalists (two of which were his sons), including an All-American and the Pennsylvania all-time state record holder (17’-0”)
  • Mike is an Eagle Scout, coach for Special Olympics, instrument-rated private pilot and also holds a Part 107 drone pilot license
  • Mike’s proudest accomplishment has been raising three great boys with his wife Kim, a nurse with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
    • Mitchell, 23, works full-time in electronics
    • Matthew, 22, graduated with a degree in Finance from Penn State University and now works as an analyst with Citigroup in New York City
    • Charley, 19, is a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland

You can read more, including numerous business and personal references for Mike at:

Joseph W. Gabor began advising some of today’s largest hedge funds when they were mere startups.

After his college internship and intense equity derivative training program on the Philadelphia Stock exchange he was asked to relocate to New York City to launch an equity option specialist franchise for his firm on the American Stock Exchange.

From there he specialized in market neutral strategies and special situations, advising funds run by then unknown managers such as John Paulson of Paulson Funds and Tom Steyer of Farallon. He has personally built and led business units that have generated fees and profits ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars annually at firms such as Lehman Brothers and Cantor Fitzgerald.

Mr. Gabor has also been consulted on for diverse roles with a single family office that includes the disposition of a $50 million gem stone collection and other personal matters related to the Principal.

Mr. Gabor has 25 years’ experience and a depth of knowledge in numerous areas, including structured products, futures and options, equities and equity derivatives, and market neutral strategies. Drawn by Mr. Dever’s Return Driver based investment methodology, which produces hedged and uncorrelated returns, he joined Brandywine four years ago. His prior experience had been that most hedge funds are hedged in name only, and often have imbedded and unforeseen risk.

Fun Facts:

  • Joe was a 4-year academic scholarship recipient at the University of Pennsylvania, and a defensive end on the Varsity football squad
  • Joe’s son, Joseph, 13, is the center on his local community football team
  • His daughters, Violette, 12, and Charlotte,11, excel in soccer, and enjoy arts and crafts
  • They are all lovers of the outdoors